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Everyone needs a great life coach! Dorothy offers a supportive and challenging structure with keys that helps you become who you really want to be. Emotional and professional pitfalls must be recognized, processed and used as positive fuel.

Dorothy Murray Elder hosted the popular “Family Talk,” empowerment segment with CBS affiliated television, morning news, providing transformative answers for difficult problems.


Dorothy created the powerful, “Essential Elements” training curriculum to help clients develop strategic insights and interventions that shift them personally and professionally. As a personal and professional development strategist and coach, Dorothy helps clients investigate motivations and goals, so each enjoy higher levels of satisfaction, security and success.

For more than 30 years, thousands have enjoyed the warmth, humor and transformational power of Dorothy’s personal and professional development coaching, consultations and events. Clients and groups seize and employ top strategies for greater breakthroughs, realization and achievement.

Bayer Aspirin, Cargill, Wichita State University, Catholic Services, Parent University, United Way, schools, organizations and churches are some that have been enriched by Dorothy Murray Elder and Impact Dynamics, Seminars and Consultations.


Dorothy Authored, “Your Innermost Truth and Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost.” Her generosity has touched the lives of thousands through helping community with personal causes, ranging from giving hunger relief or to end child trafficking. Strong Women and Families urban programs, have reached out to strengthen families, since 1980. Dorothy continues to empower women and families in areas of personal development, vision, recovery, identity, codependency, behavioral issues, leadership development, spiritual growth and family advocacy.

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Dorothy has decades more experience than most coaches and has worked with people from every background of life. Dorothy has already accomplished high skill levels that are reflected in her teaching, listening and application. She immensely raised my expectation and abiity. 

- Angela Jones

Dorothy jolted me out of negative thinking patterns, long enough to help me shift into a more empowering performance. 

Transforming my thinking and vision was an important part of good coaching for me.

- Allice Morse

Dorothy respects and empathized with me when I was struggling, but she was willing to take her gloves off to get me unstuck and looking forward. Dorothy has thousands of hours of experiene that makes a positive difference. Her love for seeing others grow personally and professionally shows. 

- Crystal Duke



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