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Dorothy Murray Elder 

Personal Success, Relationship & Family Consultations
Individual & Group Coaching Sessions

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It is essential to gain knowledge and insight to improve your perceptions, feelings, and goals. Inner healing is necessary to remove self-sabotage, emotional blocks, and the unnecessary conflict that comes to defeat you. Committing to wisdom and empowerment is crucial for you and those you love. Life transformation is good and turns challenges into joy and positive fuel for success.

Dorothy makes the difference for you as a caring, experienced speaker, mentor, and life coach. Her teaching and support give you the vision and insight necessary to succeed. Dorothy helps increase your hope, potential, confidence, and ability to be free. Together, we develop a strategic personal development plan for your elevation! Essential keys help you solve problems and remove the wounds and pitfalls that hinder. Dorothy shows you the core feelings and actions that negatively affect your life. You will learn to use challenges, events, and triggers as stepping stones for positive growth and illumination. 

For more than 30 years, thousands have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Dorothy’s personal and professional development consultations, books, and events. Bayer Aspirin, Cargill, Wichita State University, Catholic Services, Parent University, United Way, schools, organizations, and churches are some who have been enriched. Dorothy is featured on Fox 4 KC, sharing tips on relationship issues, and hosted the popular “Family Talk” empowerment segment with CBS-affiliated television 12 in Wichita, Kansas. Dorothy provided transformative answers for complex family and youth problems.


Dorothy Authored “Your Innermost Truth and Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost.” Her generosity has touched the lives of thousands through her work in the community with personal causes, ranging from giving hunger relief or ending child trafficking. Strong Women and Families Programs continually create ministry programs that have strengthened urban women and families since 1980.


Dorothy continues to empower men, women, and families in areas of personal/professional development, vision, recovery, identity, inner healing, codependency, behavioral issues, leadership development, spiritual growth, goals, and family advocacy.

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