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Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost?

Prepare to Win!

Learn to flourish a stronger relationship with your partner

I thought I would never smile again when it happened to me. Amid the darkness and depression, I still wanted to believe that the best could happen. I needed wisdom and insight to hold on! It would have been so much easier if I had had a compass of understanding to follow, which is why I wrote this book. Whether you are fighting for your relationship or preparing for the right person, this book offers a wealth of wisdom, revelation, and empowerment for you. 


Adversity in relationships happens but an unnecessary breakup creates a miserable season of disaster and uncontrollable emotion. The trauma unfolds daily before your eyes.


Get the support you need and create a better realm of possibility for yourself and those you love. It is vital that you learn how to build solid, enduring relationships.


Transform your life and relationship challenges into positive fuel for success. "Is Your Relationship Worth the Cost" is a provocative book about the power of love and passion and how it must be respected, even from the first hello.


This book is a perfect tool for singles and couples. The essential topics, stories, and revelations give insight, strength, and comfort. Wisdom prepares ahead of time for storms. Heal, grow and empower yourself! (272 - Pages)


Get your copy now. Great for groups and gifts too. 

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$22. - Shipping included 


What is stealing your joy, resilience, and fortitude? What hinders the emergence of your dreams, desires, and authentic self? Who stole it? Why did you let it go? Is self-care a balanced part of your daily routine? Is your self-esteem tattered? Is your sense of worthiness enough? Do you lose yourself in relationships? 

Let's deal with the feelings that are holding you back. It's past time to experience the authentic you! Let a new and better journey begin! "Your Innermost Truth" will help you see the core roots of where the hindrances in your life began and how to change undesirable behavior.  

 $20.00 - includes shipping 

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