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Loving you

Here we are again, the month of February, the month of love. For

some, it's a time to reminisce about how far you have come

together and yes, rekindle your relationship to make it even more

robust. For others, it's a time of dread. But I want to encourage

you to take the time to love yourself. The world has emphasized

being in a romantic relationship and finding fulfillment, but self-

love is so important. "You will always follow you around, so learn

to love yourself." Here are some things that have been helpful to

me in my self-love journey:

1.)Put yourself first

Don’t feel bad about doing this. Women, especially, can get used

to putting others first all the time. Although there's a time and a

place for this, it shouldn't be a habit that keeps you from taking

care of yourself.

Find the time to wind down. Without decompressing and

recharging, you can put a severe strain on yourself. Whether

spending the day in bed or outdoors in nature, find what helps you

relax and dedicate some consistent time to this.

2.) Be kind to yourself

The world is full of harsh words, and critique that don't add to your

positive vision or inspiration. Speak kindly to yourself, and don't

call yourself mean things. Celebrate yourself! Don't forget to

celebrate yourself, not only when it feels essential! You've come

so far and grown too much for that. Stay connected to growth

seminars like this one, because life is mandatory and you need


3.)Take every opportunity life presents or create your own

The timing will never be perfect for that next step in your life. The

circumstances may not be ideal, but that shouldn't keep you from

reaching your goals and dreams. Instead, seize the moment

because it may never come back.

Loving you

What are 3-5 of your goals that you can take steps on daily. What

good habits support those goals? Have you ever taken a solo

trip? How about your own special date night? You'll find that you

learn something about yourself that you never knew.

Learn to be your best friend, your greatest cheerleader, and the

person who loves you the most. You have to stand up for you.

Who else will if you don’t.

You will never truly learn to love a romantic partner until you start

with yourself. I'm cheering you on, friend. And you are

enormously loved by your Creator. Fall in love with the person

who made you and loves you best! Perfect love cast out all fear!

Happy Love Month!

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