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We are family!

Families can be a life-giving force when they are healthy and relatively stress-free. When healthy,there can be one constant you can count on—so much so that a healthy family relationship can positively impact your health and well-being.

Strong family relationships also provide comfort, guidance, and strength that you can depend on in times of stress. Likewise, they provide a sense of belonging and unconditional love you are not likely to find anywhere else. Here are some of the benefits of a healthy family:

Strong family relationships can:

  • Help each other cope with stress

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Increase well-being

  • Encourage healthy behaviors

  • Provide social support

  • Create foundations for healthy, trusting relationships with others

  • Allows people to feel secure and loved

  • Encourages the development of values and personal responsibility

  • Strengthen faith

Just like a healthy family dynamic can help you flourish, a toxic family environment can be detrimental to you.Unhealthy relationships are stress-filled; they can feel exhausting and emotionally draining. Highly-conflicted or toxic family relationships cause a lot of damage. Not only do they deprive you of support, but they also create additional stress, conflict, and even health issues.

Research indicates that 10% to 30% of children grow up in families where their health and well-being are endangered or weakened by unhealthy family relationships. Be intentional about taking the steps to create a healthy family unit and flourish together.

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