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Loneliness is Painful

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Loneliness is a subjective or particular feeling you have. It feels like people are not with you, that people don't understand you, you don't feel connected, and you feel alone. Loneliness feels frightening, almost like abandonment. Loneliness is different from social isolation.

Get ready to take some important steps towards your mental and emotional health.

Welcome to the journey to be emotionally healthy and strong. I want to give you explanations and actionable advice on handling loneliness, depression, and fear. This series will supply topics that matter to you and those you love.

What is loneliness? Why is it so pervasive?

Loneliness is now being called a public health epidemic. It's doesn't just affect individuals, but our whole society. These subjective feelings of loneliness are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Loneliness affects your health; increases your risk for a heart attack, blood pressure, and obesity. Loneliness increases depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline. Dementia and risk of death increase by 30%! 60% of people in the US are lonely.

There's a hotline you can call to speak to someone in most cities because feeling lonely can make you feel suicidal. The subjective feelings of loneliness have to be a strong wake-up call for you. The UK appointed a loneliness minister for this reason.

We live in a world more virtually connected than ever, yet we are more lonely than we have ever been. "Impact Personal Empowerment Consulting" is here to help you overcome the dreadful feelings of loneliness. Email us, and we will send some meaningful solutions to end loneliness. Most of all, decide to be happy and thankful.

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