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Overcoming trauma

When we think about trauma and the affects of it we think about a soldier in battle, but the fact is any kind of trauma can cause post traumatic stress disorder. This includes people who have gone through scenarios like domestic abuse, sexual abuse an accident or anything that has caused a severe disruption in our lives. There are so many different ways that people cope with trauma, whether that be sex, drugs, alcohol or even being a work-a-holic. As someone who is a domestic abuse survivor here are some things that have helped with my healing journey.

  1. Talking to people who are safe about my feelings- Coming out of a traumatic situation like abuse there are a lot of feelings to unpack, for me sitting with my mentor monthly is helpful just to talk about what has happened and to acknowledge how it made me feel.

2.) Being intentional about staying sober- I have found that sometimes it's very tempting to find instant gratification for the pain that I feel, because of that I have accountability in my sobriety to not touch a drink and fall back into habits that are unhealthy. It is better to feel the pain and rip off the band aid to let God heal you.

3.) Stay connected with community- This is vital because the greatest trick of the enemy is to isolate us, he makes us feel like a burden to people or our problems aren't worth talking about. Keep connected in your church, keep enjoying your favorite things and you'll see a difference.

Overcoming trauma requires doing the work and letting God heal what is broken, have faith that God is good and He is safe in this process He will heal your broken heart. You will come out on the other side stronger than ever

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