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Your thoughts have power!

On average our brains process about 70,000 thoughts a day! If you really sat with yourself and thought about it, how many of those thoughts are positive and how many are negative? The thoughts that we have about life and ourselves shape us into who we are. If you tend to have negative thoughts you are most likely an unhappy person. If you have a positive mindset you more than likely live a fulfilled and happy life. If you find yourself struggling with having a positive mindset here are some tips that could be helpful


Nearly everyone holds on to limiting beliefs that prevent them from realizing their dreams. Those who are able to challenge and overcome them go on to achieve their goals. Those who don’t continue to live in negative patterns – and often don’t even realize it.

Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about who we really are: shy, overweight, undeserving of love or success. They aren’t true, and they can be replaced with positive beliefs about ourselves


Do you look at life through a lens of fear? If the unknown is scary to you, you most likely deal with a fear of failure and that will hinder what you accomplish in life. If you approach life with an attitude that you can do all things through Christ then you absolutely can because He is with you!


Instead of looking at all of the things that could go wrong, focus on what will go right. Your perspective is important to your success. It can feel overwhelming to change your perspective but even little changes are helpful

In conclusion your outlook can change the trajectory of your life for the best or worse. Choose wisely how you speak about yourself and to yourself

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